The Little Dipper & The Big Dipper in Winter!

This is what happens when I visit & stay with my friends or Family while on the road to or from my Astrophotography Exhibits!!!

I often shoot the sky above their Place,…Just saying!!!!!(Invite me and see!!)
Even at -30F in Iowa earlier this month, around Midnight on 02-10-2014
I captured this cool Winter sky Portrait from my good friends Farm in Iowa!!!

Here is Polaris the North Star  with The Little Dipper & The Big Dipper above the Farm House in Dexter, Iowa.

“The Big Dipper & Little Dipper in Winter”
Dexter, Iowa,  -30F,  02-10-2014
Canon Rebel Xsi & 8mm fisheye lens, CG-4Tracking Mount
ISO 400, 64 second exposure

Keep Looking at the Night sky, But Stay Warm!!!

Best Regards,

John Chumack


A Colorful Thumbnail Moonrise & Venus on 02-27-2014

Wow, a colorful Thumbnail Moonrise & Venus this Morning!!! Looking South East over my neighborhood in East Dayton, Ohio. I’m flying back to Florida today, hoping for some nice warm weather again for my next Show, The Blooming Arts Festival, March 1st & 2nd Saturday 10-6pm & Sunday 10-5pm in Bartow, FL. It is 45 minutes East of Tampa, so come visit me and see my Astrophotography Exhibit!!!

Details: Canon Rebel Xsi & 28mm lens, F6.3, ISO 400,  2 second exposure.

Best Regards,
John Chumack

The Waning Crescent Moon & The Planet Venus 02-26-2014

Venus and the Waning Crescent Moon on 02-26-2014 @ 6:30am
On my way into the Kettering Labs building this morning at the University of Dayton,
I noticed that the clouds were breaking up, showing the Waning Crescent Moon & the planet Venus above the University PAC Center and Parking lot C!

Sorry, All I had available was a point and shoot camera (not even mine)! I’m surprised it came out okay considering all the ambient light on Campus!!!!

Fujifilm Finepix S1000 point and shoot camera, no tripod, just camera sitting on top of a trash can!
ISO 100, 2 second exposure, F2.8

Best Regards,
John Chumack

The International Space Station Flyby on 02-22-2014

An International Space Station (ISS) Flyby on a cloudy night is possible!!! Yes, the ISS is bright enough to over come High Cirrus clouds….I just proved it, with this evenings pass over my backyard Observatory in Dayton, Ohio on 02-22-2014 at 07:45pm E.S.T.

I created a short video clip from (4) 30 second still frames shots from my Canon Rebel Xsi DSLR and looped it so you can see the ISS and clouds rolling through!!! The Youtube video clip is at 1080P, so go full screen with it!


Best Regards,
John Chumack

The Sun in Hydrogen Alpha Light & Giant Sunspot Groups!


Saturday was my Sick day, and also my Sun – Day!!! Feeling like crap today, but I felt a little better when the Sky was clear and decent seeing for a change!!! The full disk Hydrogen Alpha Sun, I took a tad bit longer exposure than usual to show the fainter Solar prominences around the limb of the sun! The Giant Sunspot Groups AR1981 & AR1982 are now facing the Earth, we maybe get some x rays class flares in a the next few days!!! I noticed some long Solar Filaments crossing the Solar surface as well. It is really nice to see the sun again!!! I captured many images but am to weak to process them all, but here are a couple I whipped up, time for me to get some rest!

Details: Lunt 60mm/50F HA Solar Telescope & DMK 31Af04 Camera , 1/436 Second exposure.

Remember never look at the Sun, it could blind you instantly, it requires specialized equipment & Safe Solar Filters!!!


Best Regards,

John Chumack




The Moon, Mars, & Spica this Morning!!!

Well things have warmed up a bit here in Dayton, all the snow has melted, and lots of rain & wind last night!! Now that the Front has blown through and skies are clearing this morning, it was just in time for me to see the Waning Crescent Moon behind some clouds in the South and (Red-Orange) Mars above Spica – Alpha Virgo in the Southwest. I captured this shot on my way to work this morning 02-21-2014 around 6:45am.

Canon Rebel Xsi DSLR & 30mm lens on tripod, ISO 400, 4 second exposure.

Best Regards,
John Chumack

Moonrise over The Palms!!

Hi Everyone,

After a severe winter at my home in the Midwest, it was a much needed break to have an Art Exhibit in Warm & Sunny Florida!

I just could not resist this shot, (one day past Full Moon) of The Waning Gibbous Moon Rising on 02-15-2014 taken at “The Palms” Hotel in Hobe Sound, Fl.

I met up with another Great Artist Friend, a Master Painter, my buddy Tom from Michigan…We drove up US1 North sampling a different restaurant each evening!

Kobe Steak House, Harry & The Natives, and Catfish are the three wonderful restaurants, with excellent Food and Service!!!

Great dining experiences can be had on that US1 North stretch from Jupiter, Florida to Hobe Sound.

I will be returning to area for several more business Exhibits in the weeks to come, so I will try to shoot more of the night sky in Florida!

Best Regards,
John Chumack

Venus Shines Brightly in the Morning Sky!

Hi Everyone,

Once again you can see The Planet Venus Shining Brightly in the South Eastern Morning Sky,
the best time to look is between 6:00am and 7:00am right at Dawn!

I was in Jupiter, Florida for my Art Exhibit again this year, I stayed at a nice little Hotel called “The Palms” in Hobe Sound, on Highway US1 North.

It was really nice to wake up and see Venus shining brightly from the beautiful and sunny Jupiter, Florida area.

A very nice change from the extreme cold, Ice, & Snow at my home in Dayton, Ohio!!!

Thankfully I will be going back down to Florida several more times on business this next month!

Do you want to see two bright planets in the morning sky?
Tomorrow morning around the same time (6:30am to 7:00am E.S.T) when you look at Venus low in the South East,
You should also take a look in the southwest for the Waning Gibbous Moon, right above the Moon you will see a bright orange star, this is actually The Planet Mars! There will be another bright white star low in the south that makes a triangle with Mars & the Moon this will be the bright Star Spica or Alpha Virgo!

Enjoy Venus & Mars in the Early Morning Sky!!!
Canon Rebel Xsi, 17mm Lens, ISO 400, 2 Seconds.

Best Regards,
John Chumack