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Total Solar Eclipse 2017

The Total Solar Eclipse with Earthshine Moon

Here is my Final Master Piece Image showing The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse during Totality in a 5 image HDR, High Dynamic Range.
Blow it full screen and look at the details. also stand back from the Monitor and check it out from a distance too, not just close-up. It looks 3D to me…with the Earth-shine Moon, you can barely see the moons surface features, due to reflected light from Earth, The suns edge with Pink Prominence’s, with Inner Coronal loops and full outer Corona Details. The Brightest star in Leo “Regulus” is in the Upper left of the Frame. This is my best Totality image to date! FCD 100mm Diameter Explore Scientific Triplet APO Refractor (714mm FL), & Canon 6D DSLR, August 21, 2017 The Samford Homestead, Hopkinsville, KY.
My Personal Best Image to Date!

Best Regards,
John Chumack

The Crescent Moon with Earth-shine

Okay,  here is a little something for all you Moon Lovers out there!!!
The Thin Waxing Crescent Moon with Earth-shine and the Star above the Moon is 5th magnitude star 110 Omicron Piscium, the moon was moving through the Constellation of Pisces just before setting below the Mountain top on 03-21-2015, Sorry Mars had already set by the time I grabbed this shot..Earth-shine is the normally unlit portion of the moon, in this case Earth is reflecting light and illuminating the backside or non Sunlit portion of the Moon, you can even make out the Maria or Features on the Earth-shine portion of the Moon.

Canon 6D DSLR & 60 to 300mm lens set to 225mm, 1 second exp. Chena Hot Springs Alaska

The Waxing Crescent Moon with Earthshine Close-up!

The Waxing Crescent Moon & Earthshine shots on 03-03-2014
What is Earthshine you ask?
Earthshine is really reflected Sunlight, The Light is reflected off of the Earth. Basically, it is Sunlight bouncing off of the Earth and illuminating the darker normally unlit portion of the Moon. Earthshine is easily visible during the waxing & waning thin crescent phases of the Lunar Cycle.

I was just playing around in the brutally cold backyard Observatory with my 10″ diameter SCT Scope this past evening! I particularly like the tiny mountain peaks lit up on the left edge of the Earthshine image. Unfortunately the Focal length with reducer(1640mm) is a bit too long to fit the whole thing in. I took two shots, one Longer exposure showing Earthshine and one short exposure for the sunlit portion of the Moon to show craters and the Lunar surface.

I shot it through tree branches, and it still came out okay!

Canon Rebel Xsi DSLR & 10″ SCT at F6.3, ISO 800,
2 Sec. Exp. Earthshine, 1/30 sec. Exp. for the crescent shot.

Best Regards,
John Chumack

The Young Thin Crescent Moon with Earthshine!!

The Young Thin Crescent Moon with Earth-shine was hanging Low in the Western Sky during my drive down I-4 heading toward Tampa this past evening 03-02-2014!!!
By time I got back to my Cousin’s House The Moon was so low above his neighbors house, I just barely got it between the roof, trees, & power lines!!!

Canon Rebel Xsi DSLR & 300mm Lens, F6.3, ISO 400, 6 second exposure.

Best Regards,
John Chumack