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M57 The Ring Nebula in Lyra


M57 The Ring Nebula in Lyra.

The nebula disk has an angular size of 1.5 × 1 arc-minutes, making it too small to be resolved with 10×50 binoculars, so it is best
viewed with a telescope and under some magnification. I find that 100x works well..

M57 is an example of the class of planetary nebulae known as bipolar nebulae.  The star at the Center is Blowing off its Outer atmosphere!

This will be the fate of our Sun in a few billion more years.

I processed this image to show structure in the nebula…
Taken from my backyard in Dayton, Ohio with my old C8 telescope & ZWO 174mm Monochrome Camera shot through RGB filters + Luminance channel,
16 minutes exposure total.

Best Regards,
John Chumack


The Milky Way Galaxy & Summer Triangle

The Milky Way Galaxy through The Summer Triangle.
The incredible Number of Stars is Amazing!
Just a test shot using the Canon 24mm to 105mm set to 24mm F4.5 on my Canon 6D DSLR, for this 90 second exposure, at ISO 3200 taken at My Observatories at John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs, Ohio on Saturday Night 09-13-2014.

I used my CG-4 Camera Tracking Mount. The 24mm Canon lens is very sharp, and Wide. I can’t believe I got this with all the Local Light Pollution, although it was very transparent last night, So much less ambient back-scatter than Normal!!!…Also caught a Meteor at top left of the Frame too!

Best Regards,
John Chumack